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Now that I’ve made this public, it’s really just a beta. I think there’s still a bit more to be done before it’s ready to be “Production-Ready v1.0”. And I need some feedback….
  • First of all, how exactly should it be packaged? I’ve been just added to source file to my project, which is simple, but not very elegant. The alternative would be to create an assembly for it, but it’s just one file, so that seem like overkill. I’d really like to create a NuGet package for this, but that question needs to be settled first.
  • Or do we think bigger? Microsoft has open-sourced the MVC framework, and is now accepting pull-requests. Should it be deeply embedded into the MVC eco-system?
  • Also, how is the API? Are the method names sufficiently intuitive?
  • Is an XML file the best way to store the dependency information?
  • The way JavascriptHelper handle CDNs is clearly lacking, largely due to inconsistencies in URL naming patterns among different libraries, even on the same network (and due to me only needing to get one file off of a CDN). This definitely needs to be expanded. I tried a few thought with the (unused) <cdn> elements at the bottom of the jslibraries.xmll file, but that went nowhere.
  • Is there any feature that really needs to be added?

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